Sikachi-Alyan 5

The Sikachi-Alyan 5 rock art site is located on the right bank of the Malyshevskaya channel of the Amur River. It is on the southwestern outskirts of the Malyshevo village at the southern end of the dam that blocks the channel. The distance to the site of Sikachi-Alyan 4 is 1.6 km, to the location of Sikachi-Alyan 6 – 0.6 km. Petroglyphs are noted on the basalt boulders of the high floodplain of the Amur River, and, in one case, on a low rocky cliff.

Within the Sikachi-Alyan rock art site 5, ten boulders and one surface with petroglyphs are known. At present, none of the boulders with petroglyphs from the Sikachi-Alyan 5 location documented by A.P. Okladnikov has been observed. Most of them are buried under a layer of soil poured during the construction of a flood-control dam of the Malyshevskaya river base of the fleet. The rest are covered with sandy-silty alluvial deposits that accumulated after a change in the hydrological situation in the Malyshevskaya channel.

Petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan 5 were investigated by the expeditions of A.P. Okladnikov (1958, 1963, 1969). During these studies, ten boulders and one surface with petroglyphs were identified and described.

In 2018, the area of the Sikachi-Alyan 5 rock art site was surveyed with the joint efforts of the Center for Paleo-Arts of the Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Khabarovsk  Regional Heritage Preservation Center, and the RSSDA Laboratory. The current state of the site has been documented, and the possible location of stones with petroglyphs has been reconstructed.

Reconstruction of the location of boulders and surfaces with petroglyphs at the Sikachi-Alyan site 5.

The layout of boulders and surfaces with petroglyphs at the sites of Sikachi-Alyan 5 and Sikachi-Alyan 6.
Okladnikov, 1971

Sikachi-Alyan 5 Petroglyphs