Sikachi-Alyan 6

The Sikachi-Alyan 6 rock art site is located on the right bank of the Malyshevskaya channel of the Amur River.  It is 0.7 km southwest of the southern end of the dam that blocks the channel. The distance to the location of Sikachi-Alyan 5 is 0.6 km. Petroglyphs are observed on a basalt boulder in the floodplain of the Amur River.

One boulder with petroglyphs is known within the Sikachi-Alyan 6 site. 

The petroglyphs of the Sikachi-Alyan 6 art-rock site were documented under the supervision of A. P. Okladnikov (1958, 1963, 1969).

Sikachi-Alyan 6 rock art site at a low water level.   

Aerial photo of September 29, 2016

In 2018, the area of ​​the Sikachi-Alyan 6 location was surveyed with the joint efforts of the Center for Paleo Arts of the Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Khabarovsk Regional Heritage Preservation Center, and the RSSDA Laboratory. Remotely documented the current state of the site.

The layout of boulders and surfaces with petroglyphs at the sites of Sikachi-Alyan 5 and Sikachi-Alyan 6 sites.
Okladnikov, 1971

Sikachi-Alyan 6 rock site at a low water level. The location of the boulder with petroglyphs was determined with navigational accuracy (± 10 m).
Aerial photo May 8, 2018

Sikachi-Alyan 6 Petroglyphs